Jordan Grimm

  I am a Minnesota fellow who likes to fish, both ice and fresh water. About three years ago, I dropped my Samsung Galaxy down the ice fishing hole. It was insured, but I still had to pay, as I recall, $150.00 in addition to my $7.00 or $8.00-a-month insurance premium. My new replacement, another Samsung Galaxy, went over the side of my fishing boat. More money down the drain. Now, I recently dropped my I-Plus 5 and broke the glass. I just can’t believe how much money I have lost over the years. Well, enough is enough. My days of replacing cell phones are over because my new I-Plus 6 has the Snapit. Now, with the Snapit attached, my cell phone worries are over. I am one happy guy.  

Paul Staab, Paul Staab Productions

  I lack organizational skills. And that is the reason I purchased the Snapit. What a terrifically simple and practical solution to my problem. At least twice I have left my expensive Samsung Edge at businesses. I was really nervous heading back, expecting them to be gone. I was lucky they were still there. Now, my cell phone never leaves the Snapit, No more worries about walking away, missing business calls or getting into a car accident taking my eyes off the road searching for my phone. The Snapit is life-improving for me.  

Meaghan B., Editor, Independent Retailer Magazine

  My coworker ordered a Snapit a few weeks ago, and loves it. I decided to try one for myself. I am notorious for dropping and misplacing my cell phone. The Snapit is perfect for me, particularly when traveling. It gives me a piece of mind knowing my cell phone is always there. With the Snapit I never miss calls or drop my phone.  I really like it.  

Name withheld to protect my marriage

  I am embarrassed to say this but I have dropped two cell phones down the toilet while sitting on the throne. My Husband told me if I lose one more cellphone down the toilet, he is filing for divorce. I installed the Snapit. I still drop my smartphone, but now the Lanyard prevents it from going between my legs.    

Bill Gillmor

  Two weeks ago, I purchased a Snapit from a fundraiser while at my business. After a brief demonstration, I said, “Let’s do it!”  He installed it on my flip phone with ease. As soon as I put it around my neck I realized how great the Snapit was. I decided then and there to order three more, one for my wife and two for my daughters. Over the past number of years, I have lost four or five phones. Now, at the age of 81, the Snapit has solved my problem. Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick?  

Bill McNulty, Publisher, Independent Retailer Magazine

  After installing the Snapit on my smart phone, I soon realized that the longer I used it, the more I liked it. Since my first, I have purchased two more, one for my wife and one for my daughter.